Skips Cork
Tel: Fermoy 025 31055
Tel: Cork 021 4220044
Skip Hire Cork
Cork Skip Hire

Skip Hire Cork

Skip Hire Cork

  • Skip Hire in Cork - Domestic and Commerical
  • We provide skips of all sizes at the most competitive prices

Timber Recycling Specialists

  • Specialised Timber Recycling Skip Hire
  • Deliveries of Waste Timber accepted

Plasterboard Recycling Specialists

  • Specialised Plasterboard Skip Hire Services
  • Deliveries of Waste Plasterboard accepted
Recyclers of Cardboard, Green Waste, Metals, Rubble, Plastics

Site Remediation Services

  • Old Landfill Sites, Site Clean-Up’s, Contaminated Soil.
  • Mobile Picking Stations, Screening Systems, Shredders
    and Crushers available.
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